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AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: I am able to give you these bonuses, because I am an affiliate promoting Mark Thompson and “Webinar Ignition”, and I am compensated if you purchase through my link as long as you do not refund the purchase. I can deliver your bonus after I confirm that you purchased through my affiliate link.

Q: How does this work, how do I get my bonus?

A: After you purchase through my link, please register for your bonus here: and reply to the first message you get with your purchase transaction information.


Q: How do I know you will really give me the bonus?

A: If I did not give someone a bonus, I would get kicked out of the affiliate program that Mark Thompson has allowed me to be a part of. I respect Mark Walker, and I REALLY want to stay on his good side… not only because I want to stay an affiliate of his, but also because I look up to Mark so much.

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